Coming Home (Destination X) – Poem by Cody Peters

Coming Home (Destination X)

You’ll never see me edit or adjust to end up with a

miracle weapon to curl dynasties of verse in a clay fog

mind where the untamed baddies go.  You don’t belong and

I wish you were not even oddly neve ton ere wash I

am guilt if guilt were this dripping morass I

am sad if this tastes like the pool in my jaw I

detest you if you knew of someone like this

of someone with too much to see and too little to hold (store)

the diag, no sees the term of existence as sickened

but the almighty will not be quenched by mere visions of order

and drills.

Your name dries a piss stool, like the pardon in my hand

As I write my cat farts mightily, the liberation of more than just gas.

I would kill you if I had the time, but there’s nothing to do

as I live through words like “this” and “smutty” the thinker’s sport is his thoughts

well, his batting practice is his thoughts.  His sport is riddle.

You know nothing of poetry and you kill what you don’t understand.

Mercifully the day is here and I have enough to suppress

the outside I fear like the hermit my dear, I

play like the notes but without interesting font, I

curse at a mountain, declaring a fight, I

starve boringly slowly and longingly still, I

never had what I strive for and I never will.

But the best part of editing and writing the riddle

Is when I know that you are here with me, my readers and friends

I have been lost in the largess of the world only to come back to

the simple family I once tried so desperately

to leave.


Naked Eric’s Goat Haiku

I think that it is important to learn stuff. Stuff is a word so rife with contextual bending, it is pure bliss. Stuff the verb, stuff the general, multipurpose noun, Stuff the scurrilous term for those things best left unsaid. “He did STUFF to her then got STUFF all over her face. He’s into that STUFF.”

Enter the Haiku. Haiku is stuff and I am a fan. Hence, I wrote a ‘ku to commemorate the beauty of nature and the sleek, understated vessel that it can be conveyed with. 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then another 5’er. My ‘ku is called:

The Mountain Goat

Oh brave, furry goat

Stands alone, cold like the air

Here is warm penis.

What do you think? I can and will write some more. This one is special and means a lot to me. i hope that is warms you up as it does to me each time I ponder its image.

-NEThe Mountain Goat